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Through our arrangement with Boca Buggies, Anchor Inn guests enjoy special pricing on golf cart rentals. It's the way Boca Grande travels.


It's how you get to Hudson's, to the Temp, to the beach or the Community Center. It's how you make your own parking space downtown - especially during the busy months. And it's a big part of how you make your fun in Boca Grande. Just hop in and go.

All of Boca Grande's downtown streets are approved for golf cart travel. Gulf Boulevard and Gasparilla Road are off limits, but each is flanked by the seven miles of golf cart and bike paths that run the length of the island.

Whether you select a four-passenger (right) or a "six pack" cart like the one shown above, you're going to be glad you did. Just obey normal traffic rules and be courteous and you'll have a great time.

Questions? Just give Boca Buggies a call. And don't forget to tell them you're a guest at the Anchor Inn!

800.698.9410   |   941.698.9410

The following "rules" for golf cart operation were put together by the Gasparilla Island Conservation and Improvement Association, which owns and maintains the bike path (aka golf cart path) north of First Street. The path to the south is owned and maintained by Lee County.

  • Persons under age 14 are prohibited by law from operating golf carts.
  • Electric golf carts may travel on the designated bike path and must yield to all other users of the path.
  • Users of the bike path must yield to traffic where the path intersects with public roads or streets.
  • Gas-powered vehicles (including gas powered golf carts) are prohibited from traveling on the bike path.
  • The jogging path is for pedestrian use only.
  • Golf cart drivers MUST observe the same rules of the road as automobiles.
  • Bicycles and golf carts MUST observe the 15-mile per hour path speed limit.
  • Be sure your homeowners or rental insurance covers your golf cart.
  • Remember that golf cart operating after dark MUST have adequate head lights and tail lights.
  • Before you rent a cart make sure you can maintain (*charge) the cart where you are staying.